The return of Muhammad Buhari, President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, from London, after 103 days of Medical vacation, amidst wide spread jubilation, that has attracted reactions from Nigerians, the National Commandant of Peace Corps of Nigeria, Ambassador Dickson Akoh, in his resident in Ogoli, Ugboju, Otukpo local government of Benue, reacted as follows.

“As a Patriotic citizen of Nigeria, it is a thing of joy that our dear President is back, to steer the affairs of governance and move the Country forward. I am very happy and this will put to a halt, those negative comments on the Nigeria State. Just like every other Nigerian that troop out to celebrate the arrival of Mr President, I (Akoh) believe, I am one of the happiest person”. It really gives me joy seeing Mr president Buhari.

Akoh also, commended the Acting President, ” l commend the Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo for his loyalty, dedication and discipline to service approach adopted, which is the rational behind the success recorded, while he stood-in for the President”.

Commend the loyalty, dedication and discipline to service, approach adopted by Osinbajo- Akoh

According to Akoh, if leadership is built around a single individual, that society is bound to fail. But in the case with this present Administration, we have witnessed institutional functionality, despite how hard, some mischief makers tried to distort the realities on ground. The absence of Mr President was completely filled by the Acting President, Osinbajo did alot, when the President was away, and “there was no vacuum”.

Akoh further stated, “since the advent of Democracy in Nigeria, the combination of President Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo, is unprecedented. I have never seen a team that has exhibited such level of understanding, trust and cooperation.

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Prior to this time, Akoh opined, is a narrative of how President jet out of the Country without recourse to hand over to the Vice President, but our recent tale, is a reverse scenario, where the Vice President held forth for Mr President. Akoh later advised that, such practice should be sustained, and with the coming of Mr President, Nigerian should expect more dividend of Democracy.

On the Peace Corps Bill, Akoh is very optimistic that, the President will assent the Bill. According to Akoh, the Bill has not been transmitted, that the Bill has to undergo thorough legal cleansing, to reconcile the differences of both Chambers of the National Assembly, by their legal Department, after which, it will be send to the Presidency for assent.

Akoh based his assertion of the Mr President’s assent, on his (President) campaign promise. According to the Peace Ambassador, the major cardinal campaign promise, which is the selling point of Mr President, is Job creation and Youth empowerment that endeared over 90% of the Nigerian Youth to the President’s project A new Nigeria.

Akoh also said Am happy that Mr President is back and is time to move the Country forward.


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