The Big Brother Naija Double Wahala 2018 housemate,Nina, on Sunday spoke on her relationship with Miracle.Speaking with the host of the show, Ebuka, during the live eviction show, Nina described Miracle as her “everything” and my best friend too. 

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Too many times during the Sunday eviction show on Big Brother house Ebuka always bring up this  conversation, she made mention of ‘Collins’ whom she always refers to as her boyfriend.

On Tuesday, she told Alex that, for as long as she’s in the House, she will always keep protecting Collins, even though she doesn’t know if he will be there when she leaves the Big Brother House.

Since morning till now Nina and Miracle have been wearing a long face to each other. This evening Nina cried all because of Miracle and telling Tobi Lulo and Alex that Miracle hurt her, that Miracle have a strong heart that she love him so much.

The two loved Birds really love each other just that Miracle was mad at Nina just because it seems that Nina always act as if she not proud of Miracle that’s why Miracle is not happy with Nina.

Every time we are always together Nina though she has a boyfriend named Collins in real world.
It always hurt Miracle because he love Nina but he always tried to comport him self.
Nina Ebuka has Damaged my relationship with Miracle Nina really cried saying that she doesn’t love Miracle again that Miracle really hurt her feelings anything we have issues l always say am sorry. Tobi please l need a drink because l want to sleep.

Lolu, Alex and Tobi try to  console her to sleep.

BBNaija 2018: Why l Said Miracle ls My Best Friend And My Everything Too. Nina

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