A lovesick man dumped by his girlfriend of four years was browsing his phone when he came across an offer he could not refuse. eToro, an online trading platform that’s helping ordinary people earn fortunes online, was accepting new users outside of the United States.

Carl Matthew, 31 from Australia, from had just lost his job, and had incurred over $9,300 of credit card bills he could not afford to pay back. Just when he thought his situation could not get any worse, his beloved girlfriend, Amy Parkinson, decided to call it quits.

Amy admits, “I was just over his lack of motivation. Carl was the sweetest guy, but was in a never-ending hole. My girlfriends would continuously tell me that I needed someone with drive, who could look after me financially and I just never saw Carl being that person. I hate to sound shallow but I dumped him because he was too poor Little did Amy know, Carl’s life was about to dramatically change. The free signup to eToro eventually led him to

“I was at an absolute loss of words. I could not believe I had just made all of this money, all from one website. My life was in the slums and this was just what I needed to get me back on track. God is clearly on my side. I am beyond excited to restart my life with this new found wealth,” Matthews reported when describing his reaction to this massive win.

Matthew’s story was soon after picked up by a local newspaper, The West Herald. Amy, who receives this paper daily immediately saw her ex-boyfriend on the cover. Her feelings towards Carl quickly changed.

“She started calling, texting, emailing, saying she wanted to give it another go. Saying she wanted to make it work. That she loved me, she missed me, she couldn’t imagine life without me,” Carl reported, “But of course, now that I’m $300,000 richer, I don’t really need her anymore and going to enjoy myself instead!”

Here at World Business Times, we wanted to find out the truth behind this “secret money making system” to find out whether it really works… or completely bogus.

Do These Secret Money Making Systems Really Work? We Investigate

We were skeptical of eToro’s miraculous ability to make average people rich, so we dug deeper. We discovered the secret lies within a new powerful and controversial technology the elite claim should be “banned” from the public because it transfers wealth from the top 1% to the rest of the population.

We dug up an episode of “60 Minutes” the American TV show featuring interviews of real people who earned money with eToro. The interviewees exposed the reason eToro has been a secret for so long is the most powerful and wealthiest 1% are using it themselves to stay rich.

“The top 1% of people control 80% of the world’s wealth. The financial elite does not want lower and middle class citizens to know about eToro because once they discover how simple it is, they can ascend economic classes, leaving the rich with less political control.”

Even the USA Government fears eToro‘s new technology could disrupt the dominance of the small groups who hold financial power in America. Now, eToro has opened it’s doors to the world and anyone in any country can sign up for eToro for free. The elite could really end up losing their power to ordinary citizens as they start making up to millions of dollars with this system.

Revealed: eToro’s Powerful and Controversial Wealth Building Technology

An insider who’s name was not revealed in the 60 Minutes episode explains…

“This [eToro] trading system is extremely powerful for the American working class. The rich have been using this for years to stay rich. They don’t want anyone else knowing their secret. But now, even those living below the poverty line are using it to double their incomes and become middle class. And middle class citizens use eToro to become millionaires.

“It’s actually stupid simple for ordinary people to make a fortune eToro because of a new feature they released called Copy Trader. See, before eToro, if someone wanted to make money through trading, they would need a deep understanding of how markets work, specialized knowledge of what they’re trading and advanced technology to stay ahead of the crowd.

Now, thanks to eToro’s CopyTrader, any average Joe can use the platform to automatically copy the top traders’ moves – trade for trade. So people with absolutely zero trading experience are getting in the game and making windfalls of cash. So that’s why the rich are trying to hide this from the public. It’s become a real headache for the financial elite, who like to stay in power.”

Believe it or not, eToro is causing such an overwhelming power shift from the wealthy to the lower classes, big banks and financial institutions are lobbying to limit its use to corporations only. However, eToro believes in equal access to the platform for everyone and have kept it free for anyone to use. Since the story broke out, tens of thousands of new people from all over the world are joining eToro every single day.

How Ordinary People Around The World Are Exploiting This To Get Rich Fast

Since rumors of big investment, over 74,331 ordinary people from across the globe have started trading on the eToro platform. In June 2017 alone, there have been 239 new millionaires created thanks to this system. Yes, that sounds like a very high number, so we confirmed it with the local banks.

A source at HSBC, one of the top banks in the world explains, “eToro trading has created more millionaires per week than any lottery or jackpot in the world. In fact, we’re seeing large 6-figure sums get deposited into our customer’ accounts on a daily basis. In one of our London branches, we even had 39 bank managers quit because they saw the money coming into their clients’ accounts and started trading on eToro themselves.”

The amazing thing is, many of these “new rich” folks once had normal jobs, as a construction worker or office employee, but now earn more than the best financial brokers in the country.”

Sound Too Good To Be True? We Dig Up The Proof

Here at World Business Times, we were skeptical an online system could be this powerful and accessible to the public population. So we hunted down real, ordinary people who have made money on eToro. We demanded bank statements, tax returns and even account screenshots to verify eToro really does work.

We tracked down a native resident of the country of Malta, the 10th smallest country in the world. We wanted to see if this famous secret system really does work for the “little guy” from a country with a tiny economy.

He was one of the thousands of people who made a small fortune on eToro and who also didn’t mind revealing his name.

His name is Alex Luca and he’s a 39 year old man from Valetta, Malta. He shared with us a diary of his first week of gains from using this system, along with screenshots and bank statements to verify his earnings.

Alex Marin shares his 7-day journal of using eToro. It’s a truly amazing account of someone with no previous trading or investment experience enjoying wild success with eToro trading.

Before discovering eToro, Luca had a normal office job as a telemarketer with below-average pay. Since sharing his results online, Luca’s story grew viral social media. We published an extract from his trading diary below.

Luca’s 7 Day Results With Trading on eToro


Today, I officially joined eToro’s social trading platform. Living in a small country, there are not many opportunities to make money besides getting a job with a small salary. Although I was skeptical eToro provided me hope of quitting my job one day.

I completed a very simple registration form. Then I deposited money into my account through my credit card. I deposited $200 and was happy to find out my deposit was 100% refundable. If I decided not to continue, I could simply withdraw my balance without any issues.

I was surprised to find expert traders via the Copy Trader feature who were getting incredible returns. I deposited $200 into my trading account, copied the top guys and called it a night.

The first day, I explored the site to find some of the top traders. I was pleasantly surprised to discover lots of ordinary people who have made lots of money with trading on eToro. I was also able to locate the top traders on eToro and see their impressive historical returns. I picked a few people with returns over 100% and automatically copied them using the Copy Trader feature. Was this really all I had to do? I decided to go to bed and check out my balance again tomorrow.


On day two, I woke up late. I had stayed up late getting set up on eToro I missed my alarm clock. I woke up and rushed to worked. As I checked my email, I remembered I copied some traders on eToro last night. It was 10:45 am so I placed my trades exactly 12 hours ago. I immediately typed in the site in my browser. I was excited and nervous. Hopefully I still had money in my account. I felt a little anxious.

I opened the site’s control panel. At first I thought I made a mistake. Was this the right account? I double checked the name at the top. Yes it’s mine. At that point I almost spilled my coffee all over my desk. My new balance showed $1,550! Unbelievable!

I earned over $1,350 in just 12 hours… while I was asleep! Incredible!

In just 12 hours, while I was sleeping, the account balance increased from $200 to $1,550! The expert trader I copied was making trades all throughout the night and my account simply copied him, move for move. I had to write to my eToro account manager to make sure this was not some sort of mistake.

Strangely, he was not as surprised as me. “It’s normal” he said, “in fact, we often see people who earn even more in their first 12 hours.” I was astonished. I was no longer able to focus on my work for the rest of the day. My mind kept daydreaming about what I could now buy with the money I made.


I took off work my third day. I decided to stay home and really explore eToro to see what’s possible. I realized it wasn’t a complex system only suited for fund managers and stock brokers. It made trading – one of the lucrative professions today – easy to succeed with for the ordinary person. I could now understand why the United States government and wealthy 1% wanted to ban ordinary people from using this technology. It’s really the most powerful legal money making tool ever created.

Anyway, I found a few more expert traders to copy. I’ll even let you in on a little secret. The top traders were all trading cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin and Ethereum. These cryptocurrency traders received unbelievable returns most traders and investors could only dream of.

Besides copying more experts, I placed some transactions myself as well. Believe it or not, it was very simple! It only took about 15 minutes of my time. I simply browsed eToro’s message boards and bought stocks people all agreed were hot. I love the community aspect of eToro. There are professional traders online all day, sharing their strategies and secrets for free. It’s an awesome community and everyone wants to help each other make money together.

I almost cried when I saw my balance on day 3

When I went to bed, my account balance had reached a staggering $11,405. I almost cried. I began to imagine how I’d spend it. I could pay off my overdue mortgage or credit card bills. But I decided to wait and see how much more I could earn.


On day four, things really started to take off. My dedicated account manager at eToro was very helpful in answering questions I had about the platform. I placed a few more transactions through out the day. My balance at the end of the day was inconceivable: $38,785. It was much more than I was earning a year at my office job as a lowly telemarketer.

I made $38,785 in just 4 days. That’s more than I was making in a YEAR at my office job.

In just 4 short days, I earned enough to travel around the world with my girlfriend, first class. I still haven’t told her of my small fortune and decided to keep it a surprised. I booked a table for us at a 5-star hotel this weekend to tell her about my incredible discovery. I decided I would pay off the mortgage and help my younger brother pay for his university tuition, so he could pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. This money is not going to change my life, but also the lives of my family and loved ones.


On the fifth day, I began to realize things were getting serious. My eToro balance had now passed $100,000. I felt so happy but also a bit anxious, believe it or not. I had so much money in my hands now, I didn’t know exactly how to handle this.

Fortunately, eToro was able to help me with this. “We help so many people become rich, we have a special department dedicated to offering consulting and advice for the newly wealthy,” my account manager told me. “It’s called Diamond Club. And when a customer’s account reaches $100,000 eToro helps them manage their new wealth.”

I already created a “wishlist” for spending the money I’ve earned. First I’m going to pay all my personal debts (about $8,000). Then I’m going to help my brother with his University tuition. I’m going take my girlfriend to the Maldives- first class. My mother’s birthday is next month so I’m going to buy her a big present. I also decided to treat myself to something nice, as a reward for taking the risk and signing up for this life-changing website.

I went to the Mercedes Benz showroom and booked the new 2017 E-Class coup for a test drive. The price tag was $55,000. It’s still a bit too much for me and I didn’t feel comfortable spending that… not yet at least.

Although I didn’t feel comfortable pulling the trigger yet, I knew if I really wanted to, I could buy my dream car

Despite everything, it was nice to know that I could buy it if I really wanted to. I decided to wait a few more days to see how things go with eToro and if I kept making money, I would come back and buy it.


When I woke up on the 6th day, the first thing I did was check my balance on my phone. I didn’t have to worry about missing the train again because I already booked a limo to come pick me up from work. Of course, the cost was a bit high, but I really wanted to see the face of my boss when I step out of a sleek black limo in front of our office. I felt like Gordon Gecko form the movie “Wall Street” and it was so much fun! I had decided I did not want to spend every day working for minimum wage anymore when I could be earning so much from my laptop.

I decided to quit my job and you can imagine the look on my boss and co-worker’s faces when I left the office and stepped back into my limo. Some people thought I had won the lottery, but I had not revealed my secret yet. I wanted to first tell my girlfriend.


Day seven, the final day of my journal was a Sunday. Although the stock market is closed on the weekend, currencies (including cryptocurrencies) are still open for trading. Meaning I’m making money on the weekends now, as I’m reading the paper and drinking coffee. I had to pinch myself when I opened my account today to make sure I was not dreaming. My account had grown to an unexpected $734,304.50.

Yes, it’s absolutely true! Over the last week, I grew my balance from $200 to over $700,000 through copying traders on eToro and opening some trades myself.

I was able to do this within a week without any specialized trading or investing knowledge (remember, I was working as a telemarketer before).

I felt now was the right time to take out most of my money form eToro. I left about $34,000 in my account, to continue trading with, and withdrew the remaining $700,000 into my bank account. Within 5 minutes, the bank manager called me, “Mr. Luca, we just received a wire transfer of $700,000 to your checking account. Where is this money coming from?”

I told him it was from trading on eToro and he replied, “Ah just as I suspected. You’re actually the second customer of the day transferring large sums from eToro. But I just had to confirm because of our banking policies.”

Once the $700,000 withdrawal hit my bank account, my banking manager started treating my like VIP.

My banking manager invited me to discuss a possible range of investment opportunities. Imagine.. only a week before, he had rejected me a new credit card because of my previous debt. I was working a minimum wage job, just enough to pay the bills and live month to month. Now my TD bank director was preparing to lie down the red carpet for me, inviting me to a private meeting.

I could not be happier with my results! I earned $734,304.50 in 7 days without having special knowledge, without even working more than 30 minutes per day!

Conclusion: Is It Still Possible To Make Money With eToro?

You may have your doubts about these types of online trading websites since many are associated with scams and gimmicks. However, know that eToro is federally licensed and regulated by the CySEC and FCA.

They have been featured on CNN Money, Bloomberg, Forbes, and Business Weekly. In short, eToro is the most legitimate trading website there is. It’s also the ONLY trading site that offers Copy Traders, which makes it easy for ordinary people to receive huge windfalls of wealth (like myself) without having any specialized trading experience.

eToro takes away any risk by offering you a 100% guarantee to earn profits or your money back. At anytime you wish, you can get an immediate and full refund of your initial deposit if you decide it’s not for you. The minimum to invest is only $100, and you gain access to world-class technology as well as world-class traders to make it simple and straightforward to succeed.

Limited Time Special eToro Offer

Due to a flood of new signups (due to the investment news), eToro is only accepting an extremely limited number of new users per day. Just follow the links at the end of the report to claim your spot in eToro and take advantage of a high quality system that really works. There are no tricks or gimmicks.

In these hard economic times, everyone deserves the opportunity to make some extra money. Not just wealthy celebrities or bank managers who keep these secrets to themselves. That’s why I decided to reveal this secret once only known to the elite 1%. I can’t guarantee you’ll become a millionaire but even even an extra $10,000 can make a huge difference. You can pay your debts, stop worrying about your bills and rent, or take the best vacation of your life.

Personally, I still do some trading on eToro myself in my downtime, when I’m not traveling or playing golf. I hope you the best of luck and can earn a fortune with eToro trading, just like Carl, myself and thousands of other people all around the world! I wish you great success and wealth.

Alex Luca

World News collaborator and eToro success story

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since this story was published eToro has received thousands of new sign ups. They have announced closing registrations for soon so hurry and join eToro now to start profiting from the world’s easiest online money-making system.

Remember, eToro offers a 100% guarantee to earn profits or your money back, so there’s no risk to you.

P.S. eToro still allows trading of assets (like cryptocurrency) on weekends when the stock market is closed. That means you can still profit 24/7 – even on weekends. Click here to join and make a small deposit right away. You may surprised at how fast it grows into a small fortune.

P.P.S. Warren Buffet said, “The best time to start building your wealth was 10 years ago. The second best time is now.” Join eToro today and discover how easy it is to make some money online.


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