The African always have a mentality that made them feel like Europe is a paradise, But life is not really like that trust me a place where there is so much wealth and if only they can get there, they will definitely become wealthy. It does not really matter how old you are, If you so much believe and you keen on making it in life it does not matter if you are in Nigeria or Italy.

When will some African listen to advise? When will they work on there sense of reasoning Because they so much believe that if they travelled to Europe no matter what there are going to make it When will they stop taking risk to pass through a very deep ocean where sea mammals can feed directly on their flesh as food? There are indigenous people of Europe who are still poor today. It’s not every one in Europe that are rich and they also wish to travel to somewhere else to continue life. We have so many Europeans over here in Africa too. If life is as easy in Europe as you thinks then why do we have so many European struggling to live a comfortable life over there in Europe? And there are still some Europe from Europe too and who still if it difficult out there in Europe.

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Are you going out there to clean up the sewage or sweep the street and bath domestic animals like cat, dogs or lion? Are you going there to serve as a cancel for decaying body or a slave driver and night watcher? is not all about sleeping with white and black men for money.

Friends  you need Jesus Christ to help you come out of poverty because you can’t achive your success without Jesus Christ Dream big, think big and shun illegal immigration. Is really high time to make a good decision that will help you in Life.


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