The Nigerian singer, songwriter, television presenter, publisher, producer and one of Nigeria’s most controversial entertainers, from lmo state Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, A .K.A Charly Boy who joined a protest in Abuja calling for President Buhari’s resignation or return to the country, for better Nigeria was shot with water canons and tear gas canisters alongside others during the protest. Which actually course some damaged. 

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The Former PDP youth leader, Deji Adeyanju, who took to Twitter to share the video further alleged that a Silverbird TV staff was injured and has been taken to the Federal Staff Hospital in Abuja.

Read This: Nigeria Police, Kidnappers Released Three passengers

I just wonder where this nation is headed with this public act. elected by the people to serve us become mini gods over the same electorate. The truth still remains that this Country must move on with President Buhari or without Buhari.
Over 120 policemen attacked about 10 of us. They used teargas, water cannon & dogs but there’s NO GOING BACK. We continue tomorrow. We have made up our mind and our decision is Final.


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