Cultist student , name  Osaji Charles who was shot dead few days to his graduation from Nwafor Orizu College of Education has been buried. His corpse was dressed up in a cultist regalia. What a stupid decision.

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I love the quote that say it’s never too late to be what u might have been and some times in life. Most time u can’t change people

Worse still you show up with your black body claiming to be a norseman and the real norsemen are looking at you feeling that they have been insulted because you are what they have considered a slave paddling their boats. Parents go through HELL to see you through  school yet you don’t appreciate it. Do you know what your parents pass through to make sure you Finish school and become a better person in life? Some parents sold there Cloths, Golden and Properties just for you to have a good Education. Because they want to be proud of there children’s.

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Some they forced to clothe him in this? People wanting to get preggy should start praying that their Kids never sail off into a deeply dark future of eternal condemnation. Pray peeps. Pray like never before.


How will his parents allowed these good for nothing people who called them self Cultist who has nothing to offer. I just want everybody to list to this because

Even the life you are living in today you borrowed it, From God Almighty.  Is high time to make a good decision and stand in it.


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