Ghana Police arresting Fraudsters and Scammers,  Nigerians boys in It was also gathered that the Police seized 33 laptops, 26 mobile phones, and a number of pen drives from the suspects. Facebook user, Bashiru Manaf Zamany wrote.

The Ghana Police arresting Fraudsters and Scammers Be VIGILANT 26 Nigerian Fraudsters and Scammers Arrested in Madina Source UTV.

I am next big thing please stop posting the bad sides of Nigerians and post the good side, of Nigeria because Nigerians are unique peoples. there is no country that is 100% better even the United states are also corrupt to some extent but they don’t bring it to the public they show us the better side in other to promote their country. Please promote Nigeria for good things

Please you guys should leave them, leave this boys jor, watin them want make boys do na. Its the only way to survive Moreover Ghana Boys are doing it and am just surprised because they are just showing only Nigerians guys what about the Ghana boys what happens to them?

parishafricaIt’s really sad how Nigerians are so fast to judge Nigerians. The real story cannot be verified with a picture post and inscription. Let’s not rush into conclusion or rewrite the true story.
It still amazed me that Ghanas, are judging Nigerians. Because l know that Ghana Boys are the one doing the Fraudsters and Scammers and now they are saying Nigerians boys.


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