Tears in my eyes…What a life, This world is really Vanity upon Vanity. If you mistakenly tell this Awesome lady that she won’t live to see tomorrow. Only God knowns the Answer trust me. Lord have mercy.

Beautiful fresh graduate of Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State, has been killed by a stray bullet, shot from a vigilante’s gun.

Identified as Uloko Lawrenta Apaume, the young girl was shot dead by the vigilante on Friday, November, 3, 2017, a day after her signing out.

The landlord of the Banking and Finance graduate, had invited vigilantes to the hostel to secure the place for the celebration of HND graduates.

However, out of celebration, the vigilantes shot into the air and Apaume was hit by a stray bullet and died instantly.

“She graduated on 2nd of November and died on 3rd of November, still like a dream to us. What a world”, her coursemate, Rita wrote. What happens to his family now? Rest In Peace Uloko Lawrenta Apaume God knows why.


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