This is a video of Mr President Muhammadu Buhari in UN General Assembly calling for an independent state of the Palestinians and Western Sahara admitting that self determination is an inalienable right of every people. I want to remind him that self determination of the Biafran is an inalienable right also and that Biafra, Palestine and Western Sahara has to be treated the same.

This is the transcript of the video

“We have to remind ourselves of the principles which led to the founding of the United Nations, amongst those are peaceful coexistence and self determination of peoples.

In this context Mr President the unravel custom of self determination for the Palestinian people and those of us in Western Sahara, both nations having been adjudged by the United Nations as qualifying for this inalienable right must now be assured and fulfilled without any further delay or obstacle.

The international community has come to scopes on the resolve of the Palestinian issue through the two state solution, which recognises the legitimate right of each state to exist in peace and security.
The world has no more excuses or reasons to delay the implementation of the long list of security councils and resolutions of this question.

Neither do we have the moral right to delay any people their freedom or condenm them indefinitely to occupation and barricade.”
Muhammedu Buhari.

I agree totally with what he said but he seem to forget he has a far more worse case in his back yard “Biafran State” which I wish to remind him in case has forgotten.
And to those who equates self determination to war, you have to examine your brain very well. Even Buhari himself admits self determination is an inalienable right of people, and karma will take its course in due time.

this is high time we need to take our decision.


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