Npower  NPVN  Web  Portal  Data  Correction Steps- Are you aware that Npower official has released and opens the Npower web and NPVN portal and website for the correction of Bio-data, bank details and uploading of ID card and passport Photo.  Which means any problem you are having before about the Npower 2016 and Npower 2017 shortlisted candidates can now easily edit or add any incorrect  information on their Npower Portal.

This guide in this post which contains all the problems you under go in Npower NPVN Portal login because we have been receiving too many problem for our readers that l can’t Login Npower. NPOWER Correction portal is now open In a situation whereby you can’t personally add your bank details, there is another method to get that done, all thanks to the N-power technical team.

How To Correct Or Edit Your Banking Details ln N-Power NPVN Portal
One of the importances of the Npower NPVN portal is payment issue, which is connected to your bank account or has to do with your banking details. (only for 2016 Npower beneficiaries and 2017 Npower beneficiaries has no bank issue)
Follow the steps listed below to correct or request for change of banking details on your N-power NPVN Portal

Note- Mozilla Firefox, Explorer or Google Chrome browers are the Recommended browsers for accessing N-power NPVN web Portal


Step 1:

Login to your Web or NPVN official login page dashboard using your phone number and your password

Step 2:

Click the option by your left hand side phone  if you’re using any Samsung Pad, Techno Droid, iPhone, or any other Android devices. For laptop or computer users, the entire options will be displayed. For the purpose of this guide, we are using Tablet device.

Step 3: 

From the drop down are the following:  I) announcement, ii) Help and Support, and click Help&Support

Step 4: :

It’ll upload “Report an Issue” click on it. If you’re on a Laptop or desktop computer, you’ll see                               everything right on the screen

Step 5:

Click on complain type, from the drop down menu you’ll see options                                                                    like: payment, profile, verification, deployment, redeployment, device selection, and resignation. Select  “PAYMENT”

Step 6:

Choose the appropriate title. Let your title be captivating for it to elicit click from N-power support                    team.

Sample of some title you can use for correction of name:

A) Error in bank details

B) Mispelt name in bank details

C) Correct my account number, please.

D) Adekoya NOT Akoyi etc

Step 7:

In the message box, clearly state your bank name and details again, and point out the error for any of                 the N-power support team members to effect the correction. Then SUBMIT.


How To Upload Your ID Card And Passport On Your Npower NPVN Web Portal
CLICK HERE to get breakdown  on how to upload your document on your Npower portal

How To Correct Or Edit Your Bio-Data lnformation On N-power NPVN Portal
Npower NPVN Web Portal Data Correction, Step To Correct Bio-Data, Bank Details, Upload ID Card, Passport Npower Solutions To Problems 2018

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