Vanity upon Vanity. Ladies please it doesn’t what it trust me. I see know reason why someone will take her life all because a guy quiet relationship.

A pretty Nigerian lady identified as Alice, also known as Abigail who hails from ondo state nigeria studied Art in one of the polytechnics in South west. She reside in Abuja. When she arrived Abuja she started working as an usher joined event planners. She had so much interest in foreigners. Like whites Lebanon, Indians and Egyptian guys according to her close friends. She has no crush on Nigerian guys. She was willing to see if she could get married to a foreigner based in Nigeria. Apart from her interest in foreign guys she was a model and artist. She is also creative too.

Her work of art made her a very successful lady in Abuja. It happened she met an Indian (male) They were so much in love with each other, Then her boyfriend decided to quit the relationship they both had. She could not bear the emotional trauma she was going through. Then one of the early days in march she decided to take her own life.

This happened in her resident in jabi Abuja. Alice is a tall, beautiful girl . She is light skinned. Her Facebook name is Abigail Johnson. One can scroll through her pictures to see her skills in Art , modelling. One of the days she committed suicide, she was found with jik on her table where she makes her drawings. Her body Was found dead, her friends took up her phone and called her parents immediately to inform them about the sad news. She Was later buried at the cemetery in jabi abuja.

OMG Could This Be Real? Nigerian Lady Committed suicide, By Drinking jik Because His Boyfriend Quiet  Relationship

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