This lady called Queen by name from River state, who was actually demanding  N20,000 from a Nigerian Guy after they had the S** ” of their life, has been identified, a source close to the girl has revealed exclusively to

And we have the full Profile about the Girl and Her Pictures..

She has been identified as Queen (We won’t reveal her Facebook Profile for some reasons), and she is from Iggrita, Rivers state, Port Harcourt.
According to our bird, she recently graduated from the University of  Port Harocurt and she has a Twin Sibling names with-held a Guy and a Girl.

One of her Twin sibling, the girl, is studying Law at the University of Uyo, Uyo.. While the other, the guy, is studying Nursing in Enugu. Apparently, she visited her girl sibling, when the drama happened… Queen is actually based in Port-Harcourt. Rivers state.

In the video you can literally hear the Girl saying, even The N1000 cannot even take me to my base in PH. Must you sleep with men to make it in life? Know

The Nigeria Police men came in to the picture to the Uniyo area took whisked both the guy and the girl away, for further “investigations’ and a possible settlement the issue. Some time wonder why most girls sleep around. For know reasons. Must you jeopardize your families name?

Watch the video Below again, followed by her pictures:


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