The Former Lagos State chairman of the defunct African Renaissance Party (ARP) and former chairman of Lagos League of Political Parties (LLPP) who is currently aspiring for the presidency on the platform of All Progressives Congress, Chief Charls Udo Udeogaranya Sunday said that restructuring is not the answer to Nigeria’s problems, adding that Nigeria is passing through a difficult period at the moment, largely due to the debilitating economic conditions since the slump in the crude oil prices at the international market.

He said this has resulted in the expression of anger in various quarters across the nation and therefore, Nigeria will be vulnerable to anarchy if major restructuring takes place now.

Chief Udeogaranya told Vanguard that restructuring can come after our economy has been stabilised and the people are happy once again, but internal federating units should start exploring ways and means of achieving unity and economic progress among themselves. “I commend the people and governments of the South-East and the South-South Nigeria for their great initiatives of economic and political co-operations premised on the similitude of their peoples. Initiatives of such is an attestation of “united we stand” and that a three cord fold are not easily broken. “I urge the people and governments of the South-West to reconsider a hand shake across the Niger based on their similarities with the people of South-East and South-South and as a people who share historical economic and political ideologies of the old Southern Protectorate of Nigeria. “In the same vein, some states in the North-Central and North East zones of Nigeria, who feel their people have the same economic, cultural affinity with the Southern Nigeria can take a bold step towards that direction and as well vice versa within Northern states and people of the old Northern Protectorate. “This internal integration initiated by the South-East and the South-South should be encouraged by all well meaning Nigerians and from there we can build a robust United Nigeria by ourselves and not a mirage unity by the stroke of a pen that has kept us a country rather than a nation, as I am a believer in organic and internally grown nationhood. “I plead with my fellow Nigerians to have hope in Nigeria and God’s willing, if elected, my well-designed programs and policies will put Nigeria on the path of a sustainable development which entails on Diversification of our economy, Economic success Impact on Citizens, Re-orientation of our citizenry, Food Security, Enthronement of Meritocracy, Entrepreneurship Education and Youth Empowerment.


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